The Party Branch of Fuda Carries out Environmental Protection and Voluntary Blood Donation Activities
2021-07-22 Source:本站  
In order to give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members and guide party members to do practical things for the masses, the party branch of Fuda recently organized a series of activities like environmental protection and voluntary blood donation. Under the call of the party branch of Fuda, the majority of party members, cadres and employees have actively participated in the activities.

On a weekend morning, 15 party members from the branch of Fuda came to the water system around the city in Shanshui Park of Lingui District to carry out environmental protection and garbage collection activities. In spite of the high temperature and sun, the party members walked around the Shanshui Park and surrounding areas with tools to clean up the littering.

During the cleanup, the party members also conducted civilized and sanitary public welfare propaganda to tourists who did not pay attention to environmental hygiene and throw garbage everywhere, as well as passed on the environmental protection concept of “Protecting the environment, start from me”. Their behavior have won the compliment from the crowd.

In order to support local health and public welfare undertakings, Fuda recently launched a voluntary blood donation activity in cooperation with the blood station in the center of Guilin. The company protocolled a blood donation activity plan at first and issued an initiative to all employees to donate blood without compensation. After the proposal was issued, party members, cadres and employees responded positively and enthusiastically signed up.

On the blood donation day, the blood donation vehicle stopped at the gate of Fuda Workers' Activity Center. Under the leadership of party members, party activists and employees lined up to cooperate with the staff to conduct physical examinations and tests, and carefully fill in the voluntary blood donation registration form. A total of 64 people donated blood on that day, and the blood donation amount reached 21,300ml.

After the events, everyone was proud of participating in public welfare undertakings and contributing to charitable actions, and hoped that the company would regularly organize such meaningful activities in the future so that more people would join public welfare undertakings and make contributions to society.

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