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Krishen Khanna

Images In My Time (Contemporary Indian Artists Series)
Krishen Khanna
Author/s : Khanna, Krishen, Lynton, Norbert, Sinha, Gayatri

Publisher : Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN PB : 8188204953

Pages: 143pp, 25cmx33cm

Year of Publication: 2007

Price : 2,000.00


Book Description

In this book Krishen Khanna's style is discussed by Norbert Lynton - the artist dabbled in abstraction but returned to representational art as a member of the Progressive Artists' Group. This was a brief movement practised by artists striving towards modernity and challenged India's caste-driven structure. The artists' work is placed in its biographical, historical and social context through the examination of several of his paintings among which are Flagellation and a series of bandwallahs (musicians) in the 1970s. The depiction of musicians has motivated two writers - Gayatri Sinha and Marilyn Ruston - to look at Khanna's work in relation to the theme of music. This book is the first o combine an Indian artist's monograph with the discussion of the socio-political context which motivated a generation of Indian artists.

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